Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Honda FC Sport in the L.A

The unveiling of the Honda FC Sport in the L.A. Honda FC Sport Concept Green CarAuto Show provides a glimpse of the future of the highways without carbon emissions. The concept car from the Japanese manufacturer uses the technology of the FCX Clarity Sedan.

The performance of the Honda FC Sport aims to please car enthusiasts through a world far from petroleum. According to manufacturers, it is called a sports car because it is designed to run like one in the near hydrogen auto world of the future.

Honda FC Sport Concept Green Car Honda FC Sport Concept Green Car Honda FC Sport Concept Green Car

The V Flow fuel cell technology of Honda is being maximized by coupling it with a very lightweight sports car that has excellent aerodynamics, powerful engine, and no emissions at all.

The Honda FC Sport is engineered to be very efficient on the road. The rear seats house the fuel cell stack while the battery pack is located ideally in the low middle portion of the car. The electric motor is positioned slightly in front of the rear axle. Fuel storage tanks are also built above the rear axle.

The super car look of the Honda FC is quite deceiving because unlike the usual sporty cars, this hydrogen powered car can accommodate three passengers.

The driver is positioned in a racing like manner in the center. The cockpit is easily accessed with the canopies designed to open upwards from the back portion. Two passenger seats are available slightly behind the left and right side of the driver’s seat.

The research and development division spearheaded by the Advanced Design Studio of Honda came up with the design for the FC Sports.

Honda FC Sport Concept Green Car Honda FC Sport Concept Green Car


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