Monday, June 21, 2010

Renault Kangoo electric car in 2011

Renault, will start producing electric cars in bulk Kangoo Express in mid-2011. Light commercial vehicle or LCV will be produced in assembly centers or MCA Maubeuge Carrosserie Automobile north of France. Manufacturers will attempt to shed all their expertise to produce electric-powered cars Kanggo so it has excellent quality. Kangoo will be a welcome product in Renault's electric car segment, which will be followed by another model, Zoe ZE Concept, will be marketed in 2012, and Twizy ZE Concept.

Previous Renault Kangoo concept car leaked some bop Kangoo ZE and ZE as a mass car production base. This electric car has a power up to 70kW (95dk) with torque of 266Nm. A lithium ion batteries into power centers. The cars have traveled 160 miles in a state filled. Kangoo be targeted to meet the needs of people in urban areas (urban) or semi-urban active work. Renault to offer this product as an appropriate alternative for consumers who want a car that is clean and can be relied upon in the same segment, for example citycar.


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