Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Electric car Peugeot 888

Electric car Peugeot 888
Electric car - although there are still many obstacles to be realized - which would have become a fascination for the designer. It is proved in a contest held by Peugeot, which is "Peugeot Design Contest 2008" (the fifth) in the middle of this month.
Peugeot 888 can change shape because the propulsion electric motor directly mounted on each wheel. There was no transmission and exhaust that makes the vehicle can not be changed dimension. Such as electric cars and hybrids now, this unique vehicle using lithium-ion batteries as a source of energy. To assist in charging the batteries, some of the trunk (back) are covered with solar cells.

The name '888 'is an illustration of three numbers: one vertical, one diagonal and one harizontal. The last number to create an infinite symbol, symbolizes the vehicle care about the environment. All three also symbolizes the number of vehicle movements, changing from city to highway mode.


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