Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flashy colors Lancer Evo X to be interesting

If a body color of calm and there are no towering rear spoiler, perhaps no one looked at the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X that when passing on the highway. Because, from the exterior side of no extreme modification, except in the four wheels wearing 19-inch alloy wheels and wings.

Indeed, the owner (name not mentioned) intentionally modify the style of street racing that can be used daily. She admitted to be lazy if modifikaasinya too complicated.

While the choice fell on the Evo X because the machine has been equipped 4B11T turbo coded, so that labor standards are pretty tight.

Street racing-style thick enough dimaui owners. Light color, orange is selected here, so typical of racing. Only, the whole body is not painted but covered with stickers from Oracal. "Body stickers for a while due to participate in contests," explained Mr.N.

Other racing characteristics, body filled with a variety of writings, all supporters of that flow. Like the hood there is HKS, the power distributor device ever wore twin type. But less responsive, eventually replaced Carbonetics (written on door) type twin plate.

Then, there are so Haltech ECU choice to replace EcuTek. Recognized strength increased dramatically, but still can be used daily. There's more Brian Crower writing, no other back who has degrees in 2720 at the inlet and exhaust channels. The elevator itself is at 5 mm, so the power band in the p [itaran high engine can be more bark.


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