Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Performance Lamborghini Reventon | Luxury Sports Car Photos

New Performance Lamborghini Reventon | Luxury Sports Car Photos
Based on the Murcielago concept, Lamborghini created Reventon at Saint’Agatha, Italy wich heads straight from the spotlights of Frankfurt motor show halls. Moreover, the clientele is limited(20 owners by October 2008) and the price varies around $1.365. Its engine is powered with 650hp at 8000rpm, right coveted 100-hp/liter mark and 10hp more than the LP640-which dates back from Lamborghini pre-Miura days, even if claims the same speed and acceleration numbers as the Lp640.

The carbon-fiber masterpiece was inspired by the F-22 Raptor Jet,as the brand and design manager talks,Manfred Fitzgerald talks about of every team’s member involvement and creativity in order to soak up dynamic views of the jet design. The rear lights,which are carbon fiber with LeD inserts,or the carbon fiber struts across the top of the engine bay,with a transparent cover,will definetly keep people talking.

Though the Reventon ticks every box in the Murcielago’s options list ,like carbon ceramic brakes,forged-aluminium wheels with fiber inlays,no panels are shared with the LP640-only the side mirrors have been carried over from it. Fitzgerald claims that the Reventon is designed to go straight from sketches to CAD production,and not only a piece of design.

New Performance Lamborghini Reventon | Luxury Sports Car Photos

The quarter-scale model,allowed them to reduce production time tremendously,because it has been all virtual,and the higher cornering speeds than the LP640 are due to the aeronautics inspiration-arrowhead nose and visible carbon-fiber splitter that provided the car with more front downforce.

Equipped with a digital dash,it allows the driver to enjoy a digitized version of the traditional round,and while the bodywork will capture the attention of the overwealming majority,it is the instrument cluster(all aluminum) that lends the car more technical credibility9.

The rest of the interior is stylish,equipped with greenish Alcantara seats which follow the design of the sharp arrow idea,or nappa leather around the cabin,similar to that in the Gallardo Superleggera.

New Performance Lamborghini Reventon | Luxury Sports Car Photos

It is question whether the Reventon worths its million dollar price due to its comparison to the LP640,though its price is justified by pointing out the months of research and its different body and interior design,with the lefthand drive.The 20 Reventons have already been sold and are on the sales list among Bugatti Veyron,The Mercedes Benz CLK and Ferrari Fxx.


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