Sunday, September 5, 2010

After the death of Tomizawa, MotoGP Team Develops Additional Protector

Tomizawa Shoya suffered fatal injuries after his motorcycle driven over by Alex De Angelis (RSM Team Scott) and Scott Reading (Marc VDS Racing Team) at the San Marino Grand Prix at Misano Circuit.

Franco Uncini, Chairman of the MotoGP Safety Division said it was working to ensure the safety of the drivers after the tragedy of the deaths of drivers Moto2 Shoya Tomizawa at Misano yesterday.

Uncini confess with technological limitations difficult to overcome this problem. But his side struggled to overcome this in the future and trying to minimize damage to the incidents as experienced Tomizawa.

"We are awaiting the results of the working parties to address this. We knew someone had held a research about the occurrence of this collision. Currently we are not ready. We think with our experience and they are, we can work together to try and improve safety in the future, "said Uncini.

Uncini explain the drivers likely to wear additional protective outcome of the ongoing investigation. "Our focus is to provide protection around the driver's body. Because of incidents like this have nothing to do with security in circuit, just something that needs to be increased at about the drivers, "explained a man who also had been a motorcycle racer.

According Uncini leather jacket it has provided a strong plus helmet. But he said the only way to overcome this problem is to protect the drivers better. "But we kept working, all companies are making a new step and we are still waiting to be able to overcome this problem," he said.

Uncini presents safety lock for drivers is to make an adequate protective clothing. "And the system can prevent the movement of the rider when racing," he explained.


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