Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has opted to have its honest drivers honoured on a monthly basis under the slogan “Honesty, the Whole Honesty and Nothing but Honesty” within the context of its strategy to uplift drivers’ satisfaction and provide excellent service.

Mr. Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, Director of Fleet Operations Dep’t at DTC, said that this monthly tribute comes as an initiative from DTC to honour drivers for their honesty and keenness to represent in the best way the DTC and RTA through reporting in various items found in their taxis after dropping off passengers such as official documents, passports, cash, precious jewels, gold, mobile phones, electronic items, etc. The step comes to motivate other drivers to follow their footsteps. The Senior Management of RTA advocates such initiatives and steps taken by DTC to regularly and constantly instill and develop fiducial and moral deterrent through regular meetings, awareness bulletins and monthly incentives to drivers.

He emphasized that DTC has keen interest in fully qualifying and preparing drivers before starting to drive DTC’s vehicles out of its belief that they act as RTA ambassadors. The qualifying process not only includes safe driving and compliance with traffic regulations but also involves DTC paying considerable attention to make drivers take up these qualities such as good manners, integrity and honesty in their daily dealings with passengers. Drivers are like a mirror which in this case clearly reflects the approach that DTC has been sticking to.

Al Ali added: “Honesty is a key pillar of excellence and good performance of drivers. It encourages resident and visiting passengers and tourists to avail the services of Dubai Taxi Corporation and franchise companies operating under its umbrella whose performance is overseen by the Franchising Enforcement Department at Public Transport Agency.

He commended the efforts made by DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs Department to intensify qualifying and training courses which contribute to improving the efficiency of drivers, disseminating awareness and sense of responsibility, and instilling the good values and principles that reflect on the services provided to the public. He affirmed that DTC is keen to honour its honest drivers monthly presenting them with certificates as a token of appreciation for their honesty and acknowledgment of the good work they have done. The token of appreciation is also added to their individual personal files, which would assist in enhancing performance and allowing drivers the opportunity to take part in the taxi drivers performance measuring system recently introduced at DTC with AED 2 million budget allocated as annual rewards. According to this system, distinguished drivers are rewarded every three months in recognition of their distinguished performance and dedication in providing excellent service to customers in addition to other standards governing daily performance, safe driving, honesty and compliance with rules, instructions and regulations set by RTA to the best international criteria followed in this field.

In addition, DTC Resources and Support Department represented by the Marketing and Media Section publishes on a monthly basis leaflets and notice boards containing photos and names of honest drivers for distribution to various DTC departments and sections, particularly drivers’ services centres, accommodation quarters and training auditoriums in order to motivate other drivers to follow suit and hence be keener to exert yet further efforts and perform their duties with honesty, sincerity and diligence.


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