Monday, September 20, 2010

New innovations for the BMW X3 and the Series 5 in Paris

In addition to 6 Series Coupé Concept, X3 and 5 Series Touring, BMW AG will also introduce a new engine, four-wheel drive system (Xdrive), and the Series 5 communication technologies at the Paris Motor Show. Several technologies for the BMW X3 EfficientDynamics also disclosed in the exhibition.

German Manufacturing provides electromechanical steering system servotronic (which will regulate the level of response in accordance with the speed of the wheel drive) with Dynamic Drive Control, adaptive headlights, HUD, and the top rear view camera for all variants of the X3. In addition, the variant with the X3 EfficientDynamics stop-start technology as well as pair 6-cylinder engine and eight-speed automatic transmission is also on display.

Some new engines for 5 Series models are also introduced, such as engines 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder to 525d (diesel) and 528i-powered 204 PS (gasoline) powered 258 PS for the Touring model. Inline six-cylinder engine with dual turbo 535d produces 300 PS is also available for both models.

Four-wheel drive systems, Xdrive, also offered to model 5 Series Saloon and Touring variants 535i and the 530d. This feature will be the completeness of choice for all variants of Gran Turismo and 550i sedans.

Another innovation introduced BMW ready for Series 5 is a smart baggage door opener technology hands-free tailgate and ConnectDrive. To open the trunk door, the car owner only needs to stand behind the car and perform a specific movement with his feet. That way, it automatically opens the trunk door.

The feature can ConnectDrive integrated with various mobile phones and gadgets, including BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad. This makes you able to read and reply to e-mail from the driver's seat via iDrive. Passengers in the rear can even enjoy wireless internet access.


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