Monday, September 6, 2010

Shoya Tomizawa death crash

Young drivers from Japan, Shoya Tomizawa, died after a severe crash in the 250 cc motorcycle races in Moto GP of San Marino. Although the time taken to a nearby hospital but the lives of drivers who just turned 19 this year did not help.

The accident occurred when Tomizawa who was traveling with fast speed in consecutive fall and was hit by a motorcycle rider Italy, Alex De Angelis and British rider Scott Redding. Both de Angelis and Scott Redding is not able to avoid a collision that makes Tomizawa was thrown 40 feet from his motorcycle Suter and landed on the edge of a gravel road agencies.

Tomizawa new single season, joining the 250cc MotoGP race, with a good start this season after appearing as a winner in Moto2 round in Qatar.

Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa are all directly express condolences after the MotoGP race finish. "I feel very strange, like there was a big hole in my heart," said Dani Pedrosa who emerged as champion at the San Marino round of the BBC.

Meanwhile, Valentino Rossi, who claimed to know a good Tomizawa can not restrain her tears. "When it (the accident) happens then the other things that did not seem to matter anymore. I saw the crash on television and was very horrible accident. I think he will not help. Shoya is a man who was funny and nice," says Rossi accompanied by sobs


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