Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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The rear end is characterize by the GT-R’s hallmark four-ring taillights, rear spoiler and large, integrated exhaust tips. The paint utilises a “double clear coat” and “anti-chipping” process and is hand-polished.

Interior Design
Like the exterior, the Nissan GT-R's interior is stylish but highly functional. The cabin is unique, sharing no major components or design features with any other Nissan model. Instruments are large, clear and simple, all directly in front of the driver for maximum legibility.
The circular analog instruments are ringed in chunky bezels and the tachometer is red-lined at 7000rpm and integrates a gearshift position display.
More unusual is a multi-function display, in the center of the dash, that not only gives a detailed log of the driving behavior - speed, g-force, fuel economy etc - but also gives details of the car's mechanical information (turbo boost, water and engine oil pressure, transmission oil, front/rear drive distribution etc) plus steering angles, braking and acceleration pressure, and also optimal gearshift mapping for best fuel economy.

The design of the multi-function display - which also includes the satellite navigation and audio controls - was done in conjunction with Polyphony Digital Inc, designer of the Gran Turismo video game series for Sony PlayStation. In the center of the dashboard, below the multi-function display, is a cluster angled towards the driver.

It contains switches for the air conditioning, audio and set-up switches, used to change the tuning of components including dampers, gear shift and VDC. The center console, which sweeps through the middle of the cabin, contains the red start button, the leather shift lever and parking brake, which aligns with the center armrest when off, functioning as an extended arm rest.

There is a full automatic gear change provision, useful in heavy traffic or when relaxing rather than sporty driving is desired. Seats are especially designed for the Nissan GT-R. They're heavily side bolstered for maximum lateral support and comfort and feature a wide range of adjustments.

The rear seats are more 'occasional' seats than full-size chairs.
The center console sweeps through the middle of the cabin, dividing left and right rear seats. Between the seats there is the provision for optional two BOSE sound system woofers.
The trunk is large (VDA: 315L), also thanks to the run-flat tires which obviate the need for a spare tire.
The seat has three color schemes: black, black with red highlight or gray.

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