Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sports Cars 2010

  • No matter whoever you are- irrespective of gender, financial status, taste and country, Cars are loved by all. Racing cars have always been a fascination for some and obsession for others. I remember reading a book from Eric Maria Remarque, Heaven Has No Favorites and there, one character was particularly engraved in my mind- the life of a car racer. Today, I am going to talk about those men on the road who challenge the winds when on full swing. No wonder, I am talking about my choice of 15 best sports cars of late.

  • I know that, some things are unattainable (mainly because of the price tag to which we laugh) for most of us. Sports car is a category where we find that relevant. But at the same time, we appreciate them too. Probably that is where a racing car races away from any other selfish issues and claims a worldful of admirers.


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