Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tesla Cars Images Review

Well, we're cheaper than the Roadster now, so we must be into hybrids...and we are. But the Karma is no normal hybrid. It plugs into the wall and can drive for 50 miles without using a drop of gasoline. Then, a small gasoline-powered generator kicks on to recharge the battery so that you can keep driving without needed to recharge. It has a slower 0-60 time than any other car on the list (6 seconds) but a faster top speed (over 125 mph.) Now, I don't know why you'd need either of those things, but for the true EcoGeek, you will need the built-in, roof-top solar panels. Of course, that will bump the cost significantly over the $80,000 base price.

So those are five fast and fancy cars that are almost certainly out of your budget. So what's a regular green consumer to do? Well, may I suggest one of the following vehicles as a lower-price, but still excellently fast, sexy and green option.

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