Sunday, November 7, 2010

Modified Toyota Prius with a touch of TRD

The popularity of hybrid car technology increasingly becomes an easy meal for the modifier, including home modifications officially a car manufacturer. Toyota, one of them, offer the Prius at SEMA Show 2010 event with an official modification package from Toyota Racing Development. This product was named Prius PLUS.

Unfortunately, TRD this time not to touch the heart pacemaker. Best-selling hybrid car in the world just got a bandage body kit, sports suspension settings, as well as alloy wheels and larger tires to support for better control.

There are seven sections provided TRD aerodynamics package, ranging from the spoiler for the front and rear bumpers, sideskirt, to the rear diffuser. Based on Toyota, wrapping body kit is not influenced coefficient of wind resistance which is owned Prius, which means the fixed 0.25 cd.

Prius PLUS 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels fitted with racing-style low-profile tires wrapped in size 215/45 R17 with wheel alignment angles that can be arranged. As a result, the distance of departure can be added without barriers affect play (rolling resistance).

To improve control, fitted as part of the foot shorter and sporty character. Toyota claims, the lower center of gravity of gravity provides better capabilities in this car in turn and make the steering more responsive. PLUS Prius is also equipped with stabilizer bar in the rear suspension to reduce the symptoms of body roll and the car remains stable during quick maneuvering.

As for the complete modification package, carpet in the cabin Prius embroidered logo "PLUS" as the logo on the door behind him.

Currently, TRD is also preparing the package "PLUS" for other hybrid models from Toyota. For information, PLUS Prius went on sale in early April 2011 in Japan.


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