Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Multipurpose Electric Car and the World's Best Seller

The popularity of electric cars continue to rise, more and more automotive manufacturers to produce and offer it. Electric cars sought not only for transportation Haria by environmentalists, also for various purposes. This is evidenced by a Norwegian electric car manufacturer and seller in the world, THINK City.

With compact size, THINK City is currently used worldwide for various needs. Since 2009, used as an ambulance in Terschelling, the Netherlands, the island is rich with natural resources.

EV Racing
In the UK, THINK City became one of the stars in emission-free race series EV Cup. Also selected by the BBC as a car "Electric Ride" in the European exploration missions, the main transportation vehicle for the documentation team for field coverage.

THINK City also competed in the race E-Miglia 2010, an international electric car rally through France, Germany and Italy. In Switzerland, 60 units of this car is used as a tool tarnsportasi "CO2 free" at 30 hotels, resorts and various tourist attractions in the vicinity of the Alps.

Tokyo Postal
Think City used mengakut domestic goods in Finland, as a taxi in Trondheim, Norway, and in Japan, as the introduction of vehicles heading to Tokyo Postal Service. Giant electric utilities in Brazil, CPFL also use the THINK City as fleet maintenance electrical installations in Sao Paolo.

"The core of the ethos THINK is the ability to adapt," said Michael Lock, Head of Marketing Department THINK. "The use of our products in a variety of purposes around the world prove that we need to be considered as a special transportation specialists and make it as something practical in various environmental conditions.


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