Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Aston Martin RAPIDE Luxe 2011, More Luxury

If you are still not satisfied with the luxury provided by Aston Martin RAPIDE, the British luxury car manufacturer has just announced an exclusive package of bongsor sedan, namely RAPIDE Luxe.

On the official website of Aston Martin's new choice of variants can be found with some bids RAPIDE Luxe luxury of course different than the standard version. On the exterior there are new color options, Quantum Concours Silver and Blue.

Owners will also get a key made from glass and stainless steel as well as a set of exclusive bags for travel (six pieces) with a special leather-clad same color as the interior.

Inside there is entertainment system for rear passengers in the form of two 6.5-inch LCD screen behind the front seat headrest and eyes are positioned parallel to the rear passengers. As for a DVD multi-changer for six DVDs are behind the trunk panel which is the source for the audio-video system Bang & Olufsen BeoSound RAPIDE and can be heard via wireless headphones.

The seats for four passengers also been equipped with vents that allow temperature regulation. There are three tiers of seating and temperature settings can be controlled via the play button on the console front. Display more special was also present on the main buttons on the center console which is coated with glass material.

There has been no official price of the Aston Martin for RAPIDE Luxe. But certainly, the price will be far more expensive than standard variants berbanderol 197,850 U.S. dollars


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