Saturday, November 27, 2010

Toyota GT-One Road Car

This car was built by Toyota Team Europe. It roars beautifully and can go pretty fast. I like the 1999 livery more than I do the 1998 livery. Both models could be found in Gran Turismo 2, including the road car. Here are as many pictures as I can use to describe this car.
The car has lovely character up front. A set of four small headlights on either side join together to provide the lighting for this car. Small vents under the headlights help feed some extra air into the car. Along the front, you note this F1-like design up front followed by two extra vents near the canopy of the car. With this being a right-hand drive car, the side mirror on the driver's right (from inside the car) is closer to the driver while the left side mirror is above the left-front tire. The areas around the front tires are opened up a bit from up front. Up top on the canopy is the big roof scoop feeding air into the Turbo V6 engine. Huge openings on the sides gives for better ability to cut through the wind. Up top is a wide and narrow hood scoop to feed air into that twin-turbo V6 engine. This car from the sides is gorgeous. Lots of swoopy lines and beautiful curves accentuate the car's design as it cuts through the air during a race. Big side ducts only added to the aggressive stance of this. The rear wing assembly is nothing overaggressive or flamboyant. It does, however, get the job done keeping the back end of this car weighed down. From the back, its elegance and charm is undeniable and graceful.

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