Sunday, November 7, 2010

Toyota Prius MPV version, Manufactured 2011

Although still preoccupied with the completion of the recall, do not delay the program from Toyota Japan that have been scheduled. Included with the production of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Reportedly, Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) is now preparing the Prius hybrid model. Information from internal party said that the biggest car manufacturer that will produce versions of multipurpose vehicle (MPV).

Citing a report from Nikkei News, Japanese, a few days ago, TMC is currently preparing for the Prius hybrid minivan to be launched early 2011.

This new model can carry 5-7 passengers and a new selection of old products Prius sedan.

Battery supply will enter from Panasonic EV Energy Co.. While the production process will take place at the factory in the industrial complex Teiho Aichi Prefecture.


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