Monday, January 31, 2011

2010 Lamborghini SUV

A Lamborghini SUV has been denied many times already by the officials but Auto Motor und Sport claims to have internal sources that say the opposite.
If they are true, a Lamborghini SUV might be here already by 2010 and here are some new impressions of how it might look like.
The Lamborghini SUV can be powered by the V10 from the Audi S6/Audi S8 or even by the 4.5 V8 from Porsche. Diesel? Possible with the 6.0 V12 TDI from Audi.
Compared to the Porsche Cayenne it's said to be more radical, lower, wider and longer.
Time will tell.

Lambo SUV 2010
2010 Lamborghini suv
2010 ferrari suv

Lamborghini SUV concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show is, in the words of our correspondent, "an awkwardly-styled crossover with a huge gaping mouth and unattractive shape." An unlikely idea from the famed British marque, we'd say it needs more work. Even unlikelier perhaps is the prospect of an SUV from Lamborghini, though Belgian designer David Cardoso has come up with an idea of what such a creature could look like. Dubbed the Conquisto, the two-door vehicle looks a bit like a jacked-up Gallardo, while the four-pipe sports exhaust system and massive air intakes front and rear indicate a beast lurking beneath the bonnet. While you may not be crazy about the idea it at least manages to retain much of the marque's aggressively sporty spirit.


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