Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Dodge Durango - latest car dodge

2011 New Dodge Durango. Dodge has designed SUV, seven-passenger quiet ride and handling with grace and serenity that is expected of a modern utility vehicle. Now there is a legitimate choice of V6 that provides a solid mileage. Cabin furnishings, too, now up to par with the competition, and much of the material better than what you'll find in any other family-oriented SUV.

However, Durango has been out of the game for two years, and as Mr. Favre has shown, you can not just waltz back and compete at a high level. Unlike last time, this Durango will compete with the Chevrolet Traverse, now fixtures between three-row crossover SUVs, the Ford Explorer and 2011 awaited. There is a Toyota Highlander and Mazda CX-9, also, that both are worthy rivals.

In this group, 2011 Dodge Durango stands apart as the only SUV that offers a choice of V8 and towing capability bona fide, but not the fastest or the most fuel efficient, and certainly do not have a place to sit roomiest. Yep, way back from retirement will be difficult.


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