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Audi TT Classic sports Car the Best

The Audi TT - classic sports mobile or four-wheel drive vehicle car Pick a contemporary design: coupe and convertible (roof).

2008 Audi TT Audi TT Front View Wallpaper

The prototype model was presented at the Auto 623 in Frankfurt am Main, directly model Audi TT coupe with body was first presented in Geneva in September 1998, with a roof-body in August 1999. What is the name of the annual TT races - Tourist Trophy, which in 1905 held in the Isle of Man in Britain. The car is built on a platform Volkswagen Golf IV.

Audi TT Audi TT Side View Wallpaper

The very idea of this beauty belongs Freeman Thomas, the same designer who "had a hand" to a new Volkswagen Beetle, and now moved from Volkswagen-Audi in DaimlerChrysler.

2008 Audi TT Audi TT Scenery View

Design of the Audi TT sports performed in the classical style. Clean lines and simple shapes, sweet-tinted headlamp viewers, Low, had no similar silhouette is the Audi TT Coupe. Car small (4.04 m), 2-door, four.

Audi TT Audi TT Best View

The back and front of the body similar in form. Bright stylistic elements of a V-great pastors, speakers even for the "inflated" wheel arch dimensions 205/55 R15 tyres, "artillery" wheel size 17 inches and built-in integrated rear bumper chromed exhaust pipes. Overall Pick a car is very aggressive, yet elegant.

2008 Audi TT Audi TT Back View

Several variations of body painting, each of which makes it different characteristics. Red makes it brighter, more aggressive, forcing give way. Black also attached TT threatened species, but this color is it least, not in combination with the concept car.

2008 Audi TT Audi TT Interior

Cool Blue ennobles. But the ideal color-silver TT. Even without taking into account that in any colour cover fuel remains silver and provided a bright spot in another color, the color of this simply set up to the machine, making it bright and mysterious as the stars.

2008 Audi TT Audi TT Starring

Interior TT is well balanced and all of its convenience and adjusts the owner of a sports image. While the machine seems just crumbs from the outside, especially against the backdrop of heavy Mercedes, Volvo S80, BMW 7 Series, etc., it is very convenient and Spacious inside. Dropped in the deep, Z seat upholstered in natural leather, the inconvenience quickly forgotten.

2008 Audi TT Audi TT Engine

Three options engine capacity of 1.8 litres, transmission or mobile Communications. Modifications to the front drive equipped with the weakest of the four-cylinder engines row, capacity 150 litres.

The maximum speed of 5-step mechanical CAT is 217 km / h. Four modifications of the Audi TT equipped with 180-and 225-strong version of the engine. Engine capacity of 180 litres. a high torque (235 Nm in the range 1950-4700 rpm) and accelerates a car logically to a maximum speed of 225 km / h. With a capacity of 225 litres engine. with. and torque of 280 Nm at 5,500 rpm and car Pick lift to a speed 243 km / h.

The 224-strong engine cat only 6-level boxes to be given to transmission. Clarity switch amazing. At all road irregularities coupe responds instantly - is the usual fees that a perfectly logically car "holds" and the road could be turning on the speed, decent race hugging. But keep driving it on any toes - tussock can distract a party to the moment passed.

The front seats are highly ergonomic and arrange rights of any build. Recently Audi TT Coupe won an award for the most orthopedic front seat. Apart from the fact that this sport seats, the "trick" is still in a roller under the lumbar region.

The seats combination upholstery (leather and Alcantara) with a full set of adjustments and adjustable steering wheel to accommodate in the workplace is convenient. If you are going to order design saloon, and not to buy "finished", you will have mass variants - of leather or fabric.

For example, you can buy a dark blue saloon with a marvelous quality of paying to be in harmony with the blue instrument panel, and can be ordered completely red interior, which will give you strength and energize.

But the rear seat is made only for children or for an adult human beauty-there will be, to put it mildly, not very convenient because head on the roof and legs will not remain outside. While the Germans equipped special plate that tells that, they are on the increase up to 150 cm, even in this difficult to believe.

But what else to expect from the landing formula 2 +2? But the loadspace pleasantly surprised. In fact, that the Audi TT coupe unusual. Such a body could be called criticism, since lid opens with the rear windscreen. The last volume of 270 litres, but the rear seats up, forming a flat surface and still increasing.

In finishing salon generously used bright metal, from the steering wheel to the door handles. On the dashboard in the same aluminum frame stationed huge speedometer and tachometer.

At the driver and passenger, four - baffle climate settings, also finished aluminum. Semi plastic combined with excellent skin and polished aluminum, and the classics with modern elements. Delighted attribute is true sport cars-metal stand for the driver's left foot. All this creates a unique sporting atmosphere.

The main element of design salon, which are also available from the outside, on top of fuel-metal rings with a small increase (large appliances) or points (on Little). They are all from the handlebars where the middle ring surrounds the traditional ring Audi, and ending lever CAT, which it surrounds scheme shifts. These rings are fully operational details - for example, fans because they regulate the flow of air.

Torpedo recalls panel small aircraft, there is no redundant lines or details, and the only decorations-aluminium border all round elements. Round of the Audi TT, by the way, is almost everything that could be done so. Even perforated rubber pedals "powder" and those with edges.

The car is equipped with a climate-control system that is the case, it is convenient to administer and passenger and the driver, audio (depending on the level set : radio, and various class tape recorders or CD player), and other accessories. At the bottom, the PPC under tray panel buttons are opening fuel and luggage. On the other hand CPT located buttons doors.

All button marked images, which will be understood by even children, and you do not have a week to study the instruction to learn how to use them. Perhaps not even mention such trifles as backlit glass to protect against the sun above his chair, a nice night light fixtures in the red color, very comfortable chairs of regulators.

In winter or early dank morning, including button. All on-board computer are testify in front of the driver, and he had not had their eyes away from the road more than a fraction of a second to see fuel consumption, average speed, travel time, the temperature of the board and other figures.

Particular attention is given to security: Reinforced Frame windscreen, arc safety seat backs, two airbags, in the mandatory components include ABS, incorporated in the passenger model.

Despite the fact that the hood is "quartet, vibrations from the engine is no more than" Six ". A table with just intercooler Bhamra-break at all modes smooth and predictable. Sports suspension and extremely high stability on the road will make you king of the track.


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