Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nissan 350z Images Wallpapers

The Nissan 350Z is a vehicle that still manages to impress. One of the areas that will always keep a special spot for this model is the aftermarket world. The 350Z was one of the favorite vehicles for tuners coming from all over the world.

Knowing all this, it's easy to understand why people get so excited when seeing a modified 350Z. That's what we also felt: we were surfing the web in search of various things when we came across the vehicle you see in the adjacent images (we must thank for the images and information).

We are dealing with a moderate approach, the kind that makes people notice that this Z has something special but doesn't scream "tuning!"

The vehicle comes with a relatively short list of mods when it comes to the tech area, as we are only talking about an Agency TI exhaust, a JWT air intake, a set of custom coilovers and DPE ST-10 rims. The wheels come in a 19x10 size with 225/35 tires for the front axle and in a 19x11 size with 245/35 tires for the power-delivering rear axle.

The vehicle's exterior has been gifted with blacked headlights and tailights, carbon fiber hatch and hood coming from Seibon (we really love this happy couple), an Aerosync bumper and a Shorty antenna.

As for the interior, this has received a set of Nismo (Nissan's racing division) pedals and floor mats, LED floor lighting and a high-end audio system comprising of a Pioneer deck,a JL 500.1 amplifier and JL Audio w6v2 speakers in a Z-Enclosure Box.

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