Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1968 Dodge Charger For Sale

At least producers of the hit film Bullitt knew what they were doing when they cast the redesigned Dodge as McQueen's foil. The 1968 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi was a muscle car with star quality.

Charger's new hidden-headlamp grille, curvy body, elegant recessed backlight, refined tail, and spare use of chrome represented a styling high point for '60s muscle cars. And in R/T form, its performance justified equal praise.
For $3,506, the R/T came with the 375-bhp 440-cid four-barrel Magnum V-8, heavy-duty brakes, R/T handling package, and F70Xl4 tires. The rear bumblebee stripe could be left off, while inside, the original Charger's space-age interior gave way to less flashy, more functional decor.
The only engine option was the mighty 426 Hemi, at $605. Chrysler strengthened it for '68, with a slightly longer-duration cam, new valve springs, and revisions that reduced oil consumption. It was still underrated at 425 bhp, but as Car and Driver marveled, "There just isn't more honest horsepower available off the showroom floor than you get from this bright orange monster."
Either engine could be hooked to a TorqueFlite automatic with a floor lever or a four-speed with a Hurst Competition-Plus shifter. Automatic was the ticket for straight-line acceleration, and Hemi cars got a special high-stall-speed torque converter (3.23:1 gears were standard). The driver could upshift at 6500 rpm, or let the TorqueFlite do it at 5500. In traffic, the Hemi could be driven like a docile small-block yet was more than half a second quicker and 10 mph faster in the quarter-mile than a 440 Charger.
The '68 model's new bucket seats lacked support, and its flying-buttress roof pillars reduced rear visibility. On R/Ts, handling was a nose-heavy chore, and such essential items as a tach, power-front disc brakes, and power steering were options. Still, Charger sales increased sixfold over '67, leaving just one question: How would McQueen have done against a Hemi?

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1968 Dodge Charger1968 dodge charger

ROTISSERIE FRAME-OFF RESTORED MASTERPIECE OF A B5 BLUE CHARGER. AS YOU CAN SEE BY THE PICTURES THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL CAR. What a beauty! a one owner since 1979, 1968 Dodge Charger. The paint and interior on this car are absolutely flawless and it has been rotisserie restored from the ground up. Every nut and bolt is new or refurbished and the underside of the car looks as great as the outside. All of the color combinations are original for the car with new white vinyl top, all new white interior and laser straight blue paint with white tail stripe. A complete new interior also includes bucket seats, console, tick-tock-tach and gauge package. The hide-away headlights work perfectly, the dash clock is ticking away and every gauge, switch and pedal feels like you're driving a new car.
The engine is a new rebuilt 383 300HP, with a strong rebuilt 3spd automatic transmission and power steering. This is one fantastic engine compartment with everything painted and plated like it came straight from the factory. One update on this gorgeous car is a Flowmaster exhaust, giving it that throaty sound a 383 is famous for. Restoration of the car spared no expense with all mechanical parts new, rebuilt, painted or replated. There are original rally wheels and red line tires on the car that give it the final look that made these car such a hit in 68.
There can’t be enough said about the intense detail that the restorers of this car put in to it, hours of work and research were done to make this one of the nicest 68 Chargers you will find. It’s like going into a Dodge dealership in 1968 and seeing one for the first time! American Dream Machines is located in the center of the Heartland in Des Moines Iowa. We are one of the largest full service classic car dealerships in the Midwest. We specialize in American Muscle cars with integrity. We usually have at least 70 cars in stock. PLEASE CALL 515-245-9100 $44,900


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