Monday, February 14, 2011

2010 Chrysler Sebring Review

2010 Chrysler Sebring
2010 Chrysler Sebring

2010 Chrysler Sebring
2010 Chrysler Sebring

Some shoppers might appreciate the Sebring’s against-the-grain styling, but others will find it just plain ugly. Reviewers are split on styling for both the sedan and Convertible versions of the 2010 Chrysler Sebring, but could more easily find negative comments than positive ones regarding its appearance inside and out.

Autoblog doesn’t spare any words, calling the 2009 Sebring Chrysler "sedan just plain difficult to look at without flinching." Jalopnik joins the bashing, saying, "Congrats to the Chrysler team for taking a car that distinguishes itself for lackluster performance and giving it a body to match." notes, "From the hood to the back, the Sebring has a number of different design elements in play. There's a strong crease in the side doors and an arcing C-pillar that descends into a stubby rear deck." They add, "I don't find the Sebring especially attractive." Car and Driver bemoans, "It doesn't even look that good, which is disappointing given that Chrysler used to have a reputation for excellent styling, not to mention the Sebring's handsome predecessor." is one of the few fans of the Chrysler Sebring sedan exterior. However, the reviewer can only muster "nice looking" as a compliment, and even that has a caveat from their reviewer: "I have nothing against a distinctive design, but I definitely feel younger than the Sebring's target market."

Reviewers are more split on the 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible’s styling. Kelley Blue Book has praise for it, describing it as “elegant” and noting its “egg-crate” grille and large headlights. MotherProof calls the convertible "sharp looking," but asserts that the design is targeted at older drivers with its "large grill" and "boxy feel." discusses the “lean lines” that “stretch the convertible,” adding that the two-door convertible do not have the “squatty look of the sedan.”

Yet there's still plenty of active dislike. Jalopnik is highly critical of this vehicle’s styling, commenting that “it took a keen eye, some serious hallucinogenic substances and a love of the George Foreman Grill to make the already ‘fugly’ Chrysler Sebring even less fetching.” The Los Angeles Times levels a scathing indictment: “It makes me long for the exquisite craftsmanship of the Pontiac flipping G6 [a car that’s now been discontinued]…and the Sebring Convertible is homely, too.” The rear end is “cantilevered gracelessly over the rear wheels,” as if “it's had unholy congress with an El Camino.”

Inside, the overall styling of the 2010 Chrysler Sebring is better received, though it’s still not all good news. Kelley Blue Book declares that the 2010 Sebring's "passenger cabin [is] defined by clean, contemporary styling and a generous helping of metallic-looking trim." In addition, though it's perhaps not "as warm or welcoming as some of its's comfortable and attractive nonetheless." Car and Driver assesses that the "interior design and materials are subpar." Damning with faint praise, Motor Trend chimes in with the opinion that the Sebring Chrysler 2009's "interior isn't bad aesthetically"—far better than's blunt "unattractive inside and out."


Although it’s not ugly, the 2010 Chrysler Sebring has an interior that isn’t particularly inviting and an exterior that’s downright ungainly in the Convertible.


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