Thursday, February 3, 2011

New 2011 Lamborghini car model

Lamborghini isn't presenting anything at the Detroit Auto Show because it doesn't even have a stand. But that doesn't mean that the Sant' Agata company had nothing to say. CEO Stephan Winkelmann and head of R&D Maurizio Reggiani spoke briefly about the Murciélago successor at a Sunday evening event outside of Cobo Hall, putting together a few more pieces of the Lamborghini 834 – otherwise known as the car many assume will be called the Aventador. Winkelmann said he wants it to be "the trendsetter of the next decade." The main points:
2011 Lamborghini
2011 Lamborghini
2011 Lamborghini
2011 Lamborghini2011 Lamborghini

Each decade Lamborghini presents a completely new supercar that aims at the leadership of its class. At the beginning of 2011, the Italian car will launch a successor for the currently in production Murciélago, that will try to attain the purpose of every Lamborghini ever, that of being better than the competitor from Maranello.

In the 70s it was the Miura to excite the imagination of every teenager in the world, followed in the 80s by the Countach, and in the next decade by the famous Diablo. Nowadays, since Lambo is being owned by Audi, they have presented us the Murciélago, offered with AWD in standard, but as ruthless as all of its ancestors.

For 2011 Lamborghini are preparing a come-back, with a new supercar. The name of the future car is hard to be predicted, as by tradition, each new Lambo gets to be named after a famous fighting bull. Murciélago, as an example comes from a bull that survived 245 sword strokes in an 1879 fight at the arena of Cordoba, and fought with such passion and spirit that the matador chose to spare its life, a rare honor. In another Lamborghini tie-in, the bull was later presented as a gift to Don Antonio Miura, a noted breeder, and went on to sire a line of famous fighting bulls.
We can easily preview in the new car, the Traditional LP (Longitudinale Posteriore, Italian for “rear longitudinally-mounted) V12 engine, with a displacement increased probably to 7.0 liters. Power is expected to increase accordingly, and offer up to 700 bhp, for the “base version”. Transmission is expected to be AWD, as in the recent Audi developed Lamborghinis.


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