Saturday, February 12, 2011

Using Superchips for Boosting Power Machines Land Rover

The owner of Land Rover Discovery 4 and Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE 3.0 liter engine can now feel better performance results remapping or remapping the engine computer (ECU) made Superchips Ltd. Based on the results of tests and trials dynometer direct car on the road, with very significant improvement. Precisely, peak power rose 30 to 282 PS PS (previously 247 PS) @ 3632 rpm. No less great, since 1500 rpm, an increase in power has occurred.

Torque also increases 67 Nm to 638 Nm (previously 587 Nm) @ 2520 rpm. Amazingly, 94 percent of peak torque (600 Nm) available between 1600 and 3,200 rpm. Although strength increased, Superchips ECU confident that the problems of fuel consumption both cars have been upgraded so that the results are more economical. Because the peak torque achieved at a lower rotation.

The advantages of using the ECU is already mapped back guarantee does not cause lost. In fact, Superchips provides an additional guarantee of 12 months or 48,000 km. The owner of Discovery 4 or Range Rover Sport HSE can go 80 Superchips performance centers throughout the UK and perfecting his ECU at a cost of £ 445


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