Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 Tesla Roadster Brabus Green Modern With a Sporty Design

2011 Tesla Roadster Brabus Green Modern With a Sporty Design
The Tesla Roadster Brabus exclusive sports package, including RWE Green and Eco-Fast Power Charger 30.000 km
Really clean driving pleasure: the Tesla Roadster BRABUS sport Green Package Division BRABUS Zero Emission and his partner RWE, one of the largest producers of electric power, sets the sports car. The BRABUS exclusive program tailored to produce the first electric sports car quick charger include RWE BRABUS high-tech garage customer and environment-friendly electricity RWE to 30,000 km (18.641 miles). Also included is one year electricity RWE car for free use by all public RWE charging stations.
Therefore, RWE BRABUS high-tech fast charger in the Tesla Roadster Brabus Green is a sports package is included. The purchase price includes professional installation of sophisticated high-tech charger in the garage of the client. The fast charger is three times faster than the loading of two places in a standard wall outlet and environmentally friendly Eco-RWE Power to the first 30,000 km (18.641 miles) is free. In less than six hours after the open-top sports car ecological sense for a range of about 350 km (220 miles) was calculated.
Green energy is far from home. The Green Package also includes one year of valid ID to use all RWE public charging stations.

The Tesla Roadster BRABUS sport green package also comes with exclusive equipment. It includes a spectacular sight. To refine the central motor-sport even more striking face of BRABUS designers face in front with a lightweight carbon fiber spoiler and integrated LED daytime running lights on the grill
The sides of the radiant floor Tesla refined Brabus be futuristic “Lights in Space.” They are activated with the remote control or by opening a door

 Moving to the rear wing and rear diffuser BRABUS attention of the eye. Both are made of lightweight carbon fiber, but high strength. The round taillights are highlighted with color-matching applications.
BRABUS meets all the colors to apply the electric sports car. They range from traditional metal and non-metallic paints in all colors of dyeing and painting effects with real crystal carpet


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