Thursday, March 17, 2011

2012 Hyundai i40

2012 Hyundai i40 

Hyundai has the first pictures of the new Hyundai i40 launched for its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. “New Thinking another chance ..” The Beginnings of Hyundai i40 Hyundai i40 has launched its new brand slogan reflects the spirit of change for Hyundai and represent the company’s bold new concept of modern premium “- the philosophy, high quality and characteristics should be accessible to all. Hyundai i40, the company was the first car D-segment developed specifically for the European market, with a variety of transmission systems, equipment and technology to European tastes. It will be shown as an asset in Geneva, and ‘body style first Hyundai i40 in Europe, will be introduced at the salon to follow later this year and designed. was developed by Hyundai R & D headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany, the i40, Hyundai’s latest model of European identity purely stylistic element of business design “fluid picture” Hyundai, including features such as the signing of the radiator grille .. hexagon grid is surrounded by two-like headlamps gems, contemporary, optimistic that the row type front and rear of the vehicle to communicate improved, because the i40 is a stylish, charming elegance.

 Based on Hyundai signup bonus product and make it accessible to all Hyundai i40 has a standard equipment level leadership. As part of the file is a new technology such as Hyundai, including cook-top front and rear, heated steering wheel and an active system that automatically fog and approval of the fog on the windshield. The concept of the “modern” is evident in the choice of an efficient engine for i40 buyers. Hyundai i40 1.7 liter diesel engine, code-named “UII” will be only 113 g / km CO2 emissions issue – a record in its class that is the increasing role of civil society leaders in the field of the concept of eco-technology jobs. Hyundai unique package of customer service from a five-year, triple the treatment, such as the Hyundai i40 standard. Leading software provides total peace of mind, five-year warranty unlimited mileage roadside assistance for five years and five years of medical examinations of the vehicle. Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, said. “Doing more with less has always been a fundamental principle of the Hyundai, and now we are pursuing new directions in our part of the” new thinking, new features .. “Hyundai i40 slogan is a perfect example of how we are the best and make them available in all good design and specifications, technologies and services – Hyundai i40 competitors.


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