Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vw Polo nice car review

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ually speaking, the Volkswagen Polo was developed 1:1 from the principles of the new Volkswagen "Design DNA". The Scirocco, the first model with this pedigree, was sent to the races in 2008 to take pole position among the world's best cars. Today, this coupé retains its value more consistently than any other car in Germany. The second wave of the new DNA also debuted in 2008 in the new Volkswagen Golf and its high-roofed counterpart, the Volkswagen Golf Plus. These models have since regained number 1 rankings in the eyes of buyers, a fact born out in car registration statistics. Arriving now is the third model based on the new Volkswagen Design DNA - the Polo.

Close network of designers, development engineers and production experts

A precondition for implementing this design philosophy, which is characterized by the greatest precision and clarity, are progressive and highly innovative development and production methods. Designers, development engineers and production experts at Volkswagen work together in closer interaction than is otherwise usual. Their goal was to produce a level of quality, both technical and visual, that is generally only found in cars several classes higher. This alliance was implemented with great success over the past two years by a leadership team under the direction of Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn. On this team, experts such as Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann (Member of the Board of Management, Volkswagen Group; Production), Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg (Member of the Board of Management, Volkswagen Brand; Development) and Walter de Silva (Head of Group Design) combine their creative energies to design and produce cars like the new Volkswagen Polo.


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