Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2012 Fiat Multipla Wonderfull cars

In 2012, the Fiat Multipla will give way to the second generation after 14-year career. The new MPV will not be realized, however, the C-Evo platform, but will share the same basic technique of the Dodge Journey. In practice, the new Multipla abandon the original lines that characterized the first generation, and the configuration of the passenger according to the 3 +3 scheme.

The new Fiat Multipla will be available in 5 seater and 7-seater – which, according to the 2 +3 +2 layout, with the last row of seats to disappear – but with a car body. As for the engines, the new Multipla will take the petrol engines 2.0 and 2.4 but with the source of multi Chrysler, while the supply of diesel will be composed of 2.0 MultiJet credited with 160 hp.
2012 Fiat Multipla
2012 Fiat Multipla
2012 Fiat Multipla2012 Fiat Multipla

Almost certainly, the next generation of the MPV in Turin will be available in the Natural Power version to methane, but it seems more likely the realization of starvation hybrid variant, as reported a few days ago. Despite the American origins, the new Fiat Multipla has an Italian style and will be customizable in the same way small and tasty 500.


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