Sunday, April 24, 2011

2012 New Car Scion FR-S

The day after the Shanghai Auto Show, following the New York Auto Show 2011 opened to reporters, yesterday (20 / 4). There is a sports car from Japan, Scion FR-S has invited attention. Because, the model is very popular with sports car concept Toyota FT-86.

Indeed, the platform of the FR-S is using the concept of the Toyota FT-86 by playing bodykit so it looks more streamlined. Then, on the front of a touch on a more aggressive bumper with a bulge to protect the grille. Design of such lamps with LED eagle eye thicken the impression sport.

Other changes, and this is quite radical. The position of the engine in front, only the rear wheels (rear wheel drive). "Hence FR extension of the front engine (engine in front), while the S of Sport. Quite simply, even though Toyota's legal department did not feel this way," said vice president of Scion (a Toyota subsidiary in America) Jack Hollis.

Not only the front view of the strong impression of his sports, but also the rear. Under the diffuser which extends along the bumper at the end of a house on the left and right exhaust.

Regarding the engine, seems also not different from each FT-86 carrying capacity of 2.0 liter Subaru Boxer. Only, the FR-S will be equipped sistek injection from Toyota, namely D4-S. He said, this car will be produced in 2012


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