Monday, April 4, 2011

Honda civic si coupe concept

Honda civic si coupe concept
 Honda can't seem to make up its mind regarding its Civic Si. It was a hatchback for three vehicle generations. It was a great car, but hatchbacks just don't sell that well here in the States. So, the Civic Si became a coupe in 1999. The first Civic Si Coupe was a hit. We still see these cars everywhere we turn. We can't escape them -- they're everywhere.

However, just as the original Civic Si Coupe was hitting the apex of its popularity, Honda pulled it off the market. Honda fans all over the U.S. mourned the loss of their favorite sporty coupe. But all was not seemingly lost, as a new Civic Si hatch was introduced in 2002.

One would think that the introduction of a new Civic Si hatch would have caused celebration in the streets. But the 2002 Si wasn't well-received. It looked like a minivan, had a so-so 160 horsepower motor, and was a little overpriced. This last hot hatch wasn't the hit Honda was hoping for.

It looks like Honda has learned from the mistakes of the 2002 Civic Si hatch. Again, as hatchbacks don't sell that well in the U.S., Honda is brining its Civic Si back as a coupe. While the production version of the Civic Si Coupe won't make its debut until November, Honda offered a little preview in the form of its Civic Si Concept.

We'll be the first to say it: this new Civic coupe is very reminiscent of the Scion tC -- especially in the rear. It even looks like it has a bit of Audi TT-inspired styling queues thrown into the mix as well. All in all, the shape of the new Civic coupe is very sleek and very clean. This new Si looks much better than the old minivan-styled Si hatch. We really hope the final production version looks like this concept.


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