Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Things You Didn't Know Your Used Car Can Do For the Planet

Yes, mate, the planet is getting chock-a-block with cars.

In 2003, some 41 million new passenger vehicles rolled off the world's assembly lines, a figure five times as many as in 1950. It used to be that if we lined up all the cars in the world they would reach the moon and back. Now, with more than 500 million vehicles running around in the planet or stuck somewhere in traffic, we're in for something much farther. And the figures of cars, alongside car sales, keep growing; every year, as many as 9 million cars add to to the fleet. The U.S. alone is home to a quarter of the world's cars, with households owning two or more vehicles. And to think most people in third-world countries won't ever have the chance to drive a car, either a used car or a new one, and would just have to content themselves with watching them in TV or movies.

If the above paragraph suddenly starts to sound like guilt-inducing propaganda meant to discourage people from buying cars and plunge car sales of every car company in the world, it's not. People still need their cars to go somewhere. But let's keep in mind that these statistics weren't just pulled out of a magician's hat; they are real and happening, and it is slowly killing our planet. You can still buy a car, but we recommend you make the right choice.

Buy used car

It's this simple: when it comes to car sales, there are new cars, and there are used cars. New cars may seem the obvious choice, especially if you have the money. After all, who doesn't want that new car smell, that feel of new upholstery, and that crisp sound of new stereo? We have become a society obsessed with new, scoffing at anything old. But this "new is equals to good" mentality comes not just at a price for us but for the environment. Buy used cars instead, because they're just as good as new. There are thousands of perfectly-working, high-quality used cars out there. To buy used cars is not just easier on our pockets, it also helps our environment exactly because we're reusing cars, instead of needlessly creating a new one that would just deplete the natural resources.

And while you're at it, insist on a fuel-efficient used car. Your friendly car dealer surely has something environment-friendly up her or his sleeve. Honda, Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen are the most represented manufacturers when it comes to environment-friendly cars. Hybrid cars that rely on flexible fuels and powertrain technology may cost more but there are also more traditional used cars available and which are still environment-friendly.

Consider this: Gas-guzzling SUV's not only consume about three times more gasoline per kilometer, but also indirectly use more water since it takes 18 liters of water to produce just one liter of gasoline. Of course, you can always drive an SUV, but you can also go for a more fuel-efficient car.

Enviromental Talk Aside

buying used cars is always a wise financial investment. Used cars don't depreciate as much and as fast as new cars. New cars lose up to 20% of their value during their first or second year, especially in today's volatile market where car manufacturers keep releasing newer and newer versions. Also, if you buy used cars, you up your chances of getting a more prestigious car model (say a BMW or a Mercedez Benz) that you would otherwise have to pay for thrice the price if they're bought brand new. Buy used car and you get the most out of your money.

Then again

You could always just walk or bike. Explore the world by foot, without the need to emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Which might induce you into a question: you just bought the most spanking handsome used car in the world, and now you're not going to use it?! Well, just because we have a car doesn't mean we can just use it at every occasion that comes up. If we have to use our spanking handsome used car, let's combine our trips to maximize gas mileage. Again, the statistics come crashing: for every kilometer driven by a private vehicle, two to three times as much fuel is consumed than if people would just go public transport. It's about time we supported the public transit system anyway. Since you're already a fan of the environment-friendly credo "buy used car", you might as well take it to the one level higher, by using your car only if you really have to. If you can always walk (and at the same time exercise) your way, then so much the better for the planet and for your heart.

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