Monday, September 13, 2010

Bmw z1 Cars Pictures

The BMW Z1 was a two-seat roadster developed by BMW and produced from March 1989 to June 1991.[1] The Z1 featured doors which dropped down into the door sills. A total of 8,000 Z1 cars were produced.

Bmw z1bmw z1 door down
Bmw z1bmw z1 cars
Bmw z1bmw z1 pics


The first example of a Z1 was released by BMW to the press in 1986 and later officially presented at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show. Initial demand was so fierce that BMW had 5,000 orders before production began. However, demand dropped significantly around 1988 and BMW ended production in 1991. There is speculation that the drop in demand was due to the early inflated demand from speculative investors. In 1988, however, BMW was quoted as saying that they had 35,000 orders for the Z1.


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