Monday, September 13, 2010

bmw z9 fastest cars

The BMW Z9 is a concept coupe introduced in 1999 by BMW at the Frankfurt Auto Show. During the 2000 Paris Auto Show a convertible variant of the Z9 was debuted. It was designed by Chris Bangle, who was promoted to Director of BMW Group Design.

The Z9 featured a carbon fiber skin over an aluminum space frame. Much of the styling found on the current E63 6 series is derived from the Z9. The vehicle also featured unique gull wing doors that also opened like a conventional hinged door.

The Z9 did not make it into production, but many of its innovations did. The interior included an early concept of BMW's iDrive system, called the Intuitive Interaction Concept . The Z9 featured the world's first V8 turbo diesel for non-truck use, later produced for the BMW 7 Series 740d model.

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