Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lancia Stratos 2011: The presence of German

Lancia Stratos which seized the paparazzi are conducting trials on test tracks Bolloco. At that time, all information is still very minimal. Now, the legend of Italian cars in the world rally event it seems Stratos ready to be introduced to the public.

Stratos new generation that looks almost no different with a rally version of the 1970s, was designed by Jason Castriota. He has worked at the Pininfarina design house in the last two years.

Uniquely, this project would not come directly from the manufacturer Lancia. But orders from Michael Stoschek, CEO Brose KG, a supplier to one of the principal components of the German car. It is said that this concept car will be produced is limited.

So what kind of specs? The engine capacity of 4.3 L V8 with 503 PS power, together with F430 Scuderia Ferrari engine. Bodi using carbon fiber material, which weighs 1.240kg, 108 kg lighter than Scuderia.

Two-door sports sedan is being tested by former F1 driver Tiago Monteiro. What is the maximum speed achieved or acceleration, still a secret. But the maximum number indicated on the speedometer 360 km / hour.

The plan, Stratos will mejeng in the exhibition Paris Auto Show. After that, Stoschek ask at Pininfarina to produce 20 units first.
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