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Latest Car Lancia Stratos: The Legend of the world rally

Lancia Stratos rally that rule the world in the 1970s, so sticky in the hearts of Michael Stoschek from Germany. Cars with the form "ax" is, limited production, 492 units between 1972 and 1974. As a result, Michael Stoschek Stratos very hard to get his dreams. Lancia Stratos has been a rare and special collections!

Michael Stoschek who is also a collector of old cars and drivers (historic) is a businessman and CEO of Borse AutomobileTechnik. Finally, to get a Lancia Stratos his dream, he went to the famous design house Pininfarina in Turin, Italy. He asked for the make Lancia Stratos with the original form but the latest technology.

Photos Only
The designers at Pininfarina awalnyai difficulty reconstructing the car. The reason, Stoschek not have units to be reconstructed. There's only pictures. Feeling challenged, the designers agreed and began the project in 2008.

Michael asked, Lancia Stratos would be perfect if he wants stay with its classical form. This was revealed by a sharp form of the car body, semi-circular windshield, front with a radiator in the middle, the back with round lights, rear spoiler that is above and the rim with a five-point star.

Two years after working hard, Pininfarina design house on November 8 and gave up a car that has reached the final stage to Michael Stoschek. During the manufacturing process, Michael and his son Maximilian diligent to come to Pininfarina to view the progress of manufacture, including wind tunnel testing, testing on the track (done by former F1 driver Tiago Monteiro.

Base Ferrari
Special car called New Lancia Stratos. Remarkably, built from the base of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia which thoroughly reengineered. Among other things, aluminum chassis trimmed 20 cm, for a shorter wheelbase. Also fitted with roll-bar in accordance with the standards of the FIA and the AC.

For example, the chassis cut 33 cm from the original. Interior The interior is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. Element body made from carbon and aluminum and weighs 562 kg. With it all, this car weighs 80 kg lighter than the F430

Machines are also taken over from Ferrari V8, 4.23 liter that produces 550 PS. Claim owner of the New Lancia Stratos, the ratio of the weight of the car is 2.25 PS / kg. Transmission, 6-speed manual with locking differentials and electronic controls that allow tooth movement lasted only about 60 milliseconds.

The chassis is totally reengineered. Includes install and calibrate the new electronic shock absorbers that can be set via the buttons on the steering wheel, modifying the spring and maximize kamber and toe angles.

Using the wheel with 9 and 11 inches wide fitted with Dunlop Sport Maxx tires and 315/30/19 265/3019 plus Brembo brakes on all four wheels. Power steering electro-hydraulic system. Smaller wheel size and can deliver change gear through a multicolored LED lights plus paddle shift also adopted from Ferrari 43

No mention is the cost of making New Lancia Strator this. Rencanannya will be tested up to 3,000 km at various race tracks to know the characteristics of its control. After that will be presented to the press is limited - especially sports cars in Ricard Circuit. Other information, Pininfarina will make 25 copies of this car.

Stratos Original
The original Lancia Stratos Ferrari Dino V6 engine, 280 PS with the addition of KKK turbo that boosts power to 560 PS. Ability sprint 0-100 km / h in just 4 seconds and can be boosted 233 km / hour. All were obtained, among others, thanks weighs only 980 kg.

No doubt, Stratos able to achieve immediate world rally champion in the first season, 1974 and continuing in 1975 and 1976. Unfortunately due to internal conflicts Fiat, its development was not continued.

Lancia Stratos still managed to score several victories, including the Monte Carlo Rally, 1975, 1976 and 1977 and 1979. Final victory in the rally Tour de Corse, France 1981.


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