Saturday, December 25, 2010

cebu: Honda Jazz 1.3 model

Honda Jazz is one of my favorite cars when it comes to customization and lesser fuel consumption. This vehicle was introduced in the Philippines some time ago when Petron, one of the largest oil provider in the Philippines, made its first TV commercial which features Honda Jazz. The commercial portrays the ability of these light vehicle to efficiently consume fuel in the long travel which definitely could save money for anyone who bought it.

I've read on reviews and forums about Honda Jazz and its fuel consumption feature. Most of the things that I've found out tells about the efficiency of the vehicle, some how to tips for less fuel consumptions which vary on many factors that includes the proper stepping of the gas pedal, speed, and passengers or load. Though most vehicles could save fuel by following those tips but Honda Jazz already has it and following those tips would add fuel efficiency - already an advantage.

Another best thing of this baby is that you can dress it up or customize the look the way you want it to - Make it a little bit lowered, add spoilers, custom paints and a little boost of sound makes it one hot baby in the road. You can check out more for the best customized Honda Jazz on Google here.

Some customized Honda Jazz images:

Here comes the BEST DEAL ever for those seeking to buy Honda Jazz. The information was provided to my good friend who have been a car enthusiasts for a very long time. The car is fully reconditioned and flawlessly turned into a left hand drive and ready to hit the road. It is also ready to be painted of any color the buyer would want to and of course the engine is absolutely looks brand new.The interior still smells brand new for any car lover would try to sniff on it.

The pictures and images will speak for itself. Check it out.

Honda Jazz 1.3 Model 2004
Price: P350 Thousand (Best deal ever)

Price comparison: P380 to P400 Thousand. You can Google it for yourself.

For those who wish to grab this baby make it fast because I've heard that they got only a few of this.

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