Saturday, December 25, 2010

Toyota Vios: Stylish Grey

Who's said a new car can't be modified? Look the Toyota Vios. We can do it! The owner said that he very like Vios in term of it engine, technology, low fuel consumption and reliability. But, he dosen't like the exterior look of Vios. The body look huge and ugly, plus, it has a "big ass"! Huhuhuhuh

So, he decide to made a custom made bodykit with AL Motorsport. And, this a the result.

Toyota ViosToyota Vios

Toyota ViosEven it is a light bodykit modification, it look very nice. From front view, just bumper and grill lips had been modified. But, the result look amazing.

Toyota ViosAt back a custom made spoiler and rear bumper was installed. And the bumper was attached with a rear skirting that fit with two exhaust muffler.

Toyota ViosLast, but not least a side skirt. It is a combination of two aftermarket side skirt with little custom addition.


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